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How to Own the World

Andrew Craig's #1 Best Selling book on investing — all you need to begin your investment journey.

With over 250 five-star reviews, this accessible and timely book brings together the why and how to invest for your future.

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    “Accessible, actionable and fun. Lifts the veil on the often impenetrable world of finance and investing. The city will probably hate it.”
    Tim Price
    Money Week
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    “If you want just one book on investment from the cacophony, you couldn’t do much better.”
    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Author of the Price of Fish
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    “Gripping, witty and enlightened, this book is unique. This is a must- buy for anyone wanting to stop working so hard for their money and start making their money work hard for them.”
    Emma Kane
    Finance Monthly CEO of the Year 2014

The Complete Guide to "Owning the World"

The perfect companion to Andrew's best selling book, The Complete Guide gives you everything you need to "own the world" with this DIY package from Plain English Finance.

6 Step Process

From paying off debt to using your ISA, everything we think you need to get your finances humming.

The Next Step

If you enjoyed 'How to Own the World' then The Complete Guide helps you take the next steps, guided by Andrew.

Digital Format

The Complete Guide is in PDF format (32 pages) so is easily printed out, or reads beautifully on a PC/Mac or tablet.

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Harriman's New Book of Investing Rules

In December of 2017, Andrew was honoured to contribute a chapter to the prestigious Harriman New Book of 'Investing Rules'.

He wrote alongside prestigious financial commentators such as Anthony Bolton, David Buik, Gervais Williams, Nick Train, Mark Dampier and even John C. Bogle (the man who founded the $4.5 trillion fund management company, Vanguard - an absolute Wall Street legend).

Watch Andrew's interview with This is MONEY on launching this new book

December 2017



The Do's and Don'ts of the World's Best Investors

Every investor needs an edge. Where better to look than the rules of the world's best investors? These are the do's and don'ts that have driven profits in the billions.

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They are the practical precepts, and hard-earned wisdom, of many of the best investors in the UK and the US and further afield - of the fund manager who outperformed the market by staggering percentages for three decades in a row, of the ex-hedge fund manager who now advocates the simplest investing system in the world.

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