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How to Own the World

Andrew Craig's #1 Best Selling book.

Now in its third edition, published by Hodder & Stoughton, Andrew’s book has been No. 1 rated on Amazon in categories such as Pensions, Investments and Personal Finance for a good proportion of the last few years. The third edition was the best-selling new finance book in the UK for much of 2019.

The book currently enjoys more than 2,000 reviews across Amazon, Audible and Goodreads, the significant majority of which at five-stars.

This accessible and timely book shows you how to invest for your future and how to make money from your money over time.

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    “Without doubt the best book I have read in the last five years...”
    — Emma Kane
    Finance Monthly CEO of the Year 2014
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    “Accessible, actionable and fun. Lifts the veil on the often impenetrable world of finance and investing. The city will probably hate it.”
    — Tim Price
    Money Week
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    “If you want just one book on investment from the cacophony, you couldn’t do much better.”
    — Professor Michael Mainelli
    Author of the Price of Fish
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    “For anyone who wants to understand how to best use the tools available in the modern world to learn about becoming a successful investor”
    — Metro
    Print and Online
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    “Opinionated and always packed with information”
    — The Daily Mirror
    Print and Online
NEW // Published Edition

Live on Less, Invest the Rest…

Published in July 2020, “Live on less, invest the rest…” picks up where How to Own the World leaves off. Andrew’s new workbook is a companion text to his original best-seller and to our online Community. The book embeds what we have learned from that group over the last several years.

“Live on less, invest the rest…” is the evolution of a document called the “Complete Guide” which members of our Community have received for free since 2014 when joining that group.

In that time, Andrew and the team have been able to see all the various questions and concerns that are most regularly raised by our members.

“Live on less…” is a reaction to those questions and an attempt to summarise the answers as succinctly as possible in one place.

Topics covered include:

  • How you can find the money to invest.
  • Paying off any expensive debt you may have.
  • Saving up a “rainy day” pot to cover you in a crisis.
  • Setting up the right investment accounts such as ISAs and pensions.
  • Simple investment strategies you might consider.
  • Sensible asset allocation based on your age.
  • Annual housekeeping and valuable Further Resources.

Investment need not be that complicated – it is just that most people never learn anything about it. The approach outlined in “Live on less, invest the rest…” should give you the confidence to sort your finances out once and for all. For most people, this is a huge relief and one of life’s great problems solved.

The book can work as a stand-alone product but is ideally designed to work hand in hand with our live and interactive online Community. With this in mind, there is a promo’ code in the back of the book which gives you three months of free access to the group if you purchase a copy (access is usually £5 a month).

…Or you can do it the other way around - in that anyone joining our group receives a free digital copy. This gives you the chance to experience the benefits of the group for three months whether you’re the sort of person who prefers a print or a digital copy.

Our fervent hope is that the approach outlined in “Live on less, invest the rest…” could very well help you make a five, six or even seven figure difference to your net worth over the long run.

BUY NOW (PDF) £4.99

Also available as a paperback (£8.99) or Kindle edition (£4.99) directly from Amazon UK.

or download a sample (first 3 chapters) before you decide.

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    “Thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is very easy to digest which is what I needed. How to Own the World was a brilliant book and got me started, Live On Less, Invest The Rest has gotten me tightening up my belt and taking my investment strategy to the next level. I would highly recommend both books to anyone thinking about how to manage their finances in order to start prepping for the future. Thanks once again Andrew Craig for a cracking read!”
    — Gregory S.
    Amazon Reader
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    “Naturally a great follow on from Andrew Craig’s first book How to Own the World (a must read). A clear and concise plan with good advice and explanation on how to set yourself up for financial success. Another must read for anybody serious about personal finance and putting their hard-earned money to work. I truly believe that following the advice Andrew gives will lead you to long term financial success, whilst helping to take the stress out of investing…”
    — Matt B.
    Amazon Reader

Harriman's New Book of Investing Rules

In December of 2017, Andrew was honoured to contribute a chapter to the prestigious Harriman New Book of 'Investing Rules'.

He wrote alongside prestigious financial commentators such as Anthony Bolton, David Buik, Gervais Williams, Nick Train, Mark Dampier and even John C. Bogle (the man who founded the $4.5 trillion fund management company, Vanguard - an absolute Wall Street legend).

Watch Andrew's interview with This is MONEY on launching this new book

December 2017



The Do's and Don'ts of the World's Best Investors

Every investor needs an edge. Where better to look than the rules of the world's best investors? These are the do's and don'ts that have driven profits in the billions.

Available on Amazon

They are the practical precepts, and hard-earned wisdom, of many of the best investors in the UK and the US and further afield - of the fund manager who outperformed the market by staggering percentages for three decades in a row, of the ex-hedge fund manager who now advocates the simplest investing system in the world.

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