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#81 — Future of Private Investing

June 6th, 2022

By Andrew Craig

Reading time: ~ 3 minutes

I'm writing today to share the news that I will be participating in the forthcoming Financial Times and Investors' Chronicle's two-day virtual investor event: "Future of Private Investing".

Event details:

Dates: 15th/16th June 2022
Location: Online/Virtual
Entry: FREE

Free registration is via the Investors' Chronicle website.

The agenda includes a fantastic schedule of virtual events over two days - there is quite a range of speakers including the BBC Dragons' Den "Dragon" Deborah Meaden, Author and Speaker Mary Buffett, UBS Chief Economist Paul Donovan, a number of journalists from the FT and Investors' Chronicle and plenty of other investment experts from various large investment banks and funds.

I am delighted to be joining a panel discussion from 2.10pm on Thursday the 16th on "The biggest trends that investors need to know about" - alongside Dan Jones the deputy editor of Investors' Chronicle, Amlan Roy the Founder of Global Macro Demographics and Bettina Reinboth, an expert on Human Rights and Social Issues as they relate to companies and financial markets.

It's all about biotech & life sciences

My primary focus on the panel will be on the biotech / "life sciences" sector, specifically. As most of our readership will hopefully be aware by now I have been working on my next book, "Our Future is Biotech" for the last several months.

In the book, I am making the case that the biotechnology and related industries are highly likely to have a very significant and positive impact on all of us in the relatively near future and for many decades to come and to create very significant economic value as a result.
Since the industrial revolution, technology has massively changed and improved the human experience and lifted several billion people out of poverty. This has been super-charged in the last thirty years or so by the arrival of the internet and created a raft of trillion dollar companies and household names like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

“Our Future is Biotech” looks to make the case that biotech is likely to be next because many of our remaining challenges as a species involve biological systems - most obviously anything to do with curing disease, but a key point to make is that this is about a great deal more than just healthcare. Biotech can and will have a huge role to play in revolutionising agricultural production and on improving clean energy generation, for example.

In the book, I make the point that funding for innovative companies working in this area outside of the US has been particularly challenged for many years - for a number of structural reasons which may well unwind in the years ahead.
So far in 2022, the listed biotech sector has had a particularly difficult few months, even in the US as a great deal of the "froth" and fair-weather capital has been sucked out of the market.

My belief is that none of this changes the underlying fundamentals and the likelihood that companies working in this area will likely create trillions of real economic value in the next few decades, just as tech did in the last few.

If you'd like to hear more about this, please do join us. You can register here. To be clear, there is no cost - so please do join us if you can spare an hour from 2.10pm on that Thursday the 16th.