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#88 — "Start With Why..."

January 12th, 2023

By Andrew Craig

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If you follow Plain English Finance on social media or if we are personal contacts on any of LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen my post from just before New Year, entitled "the world is much better than most of us think".

As I explained in that post, I have long advocated subscribing to a brilliant outfit called Future Crunch. They have a free email service which looks to share good news to your inbox on a regular basis.

Towards the end of each year they publish a piece called "99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn't Hear About in 20xx".

I have written a fair bit in the past about the extent to which both our mainstream press and our social media feeds suffer from an extraordinarily strong negative bias. As they say in the media industry "if it bleeds, it leads" and arguably never more so than today.

Future Crunch does its best to serve as an antidote to that negative bias. As they put it:

"The world didn't fall apart this year. You just got your news from the wrong places..."

To credit that position, they deliver no fewer than 99 news stories focused on...

"...uplifting human rights victories, extraordinary conservation wins, big milestones in global health and development, and an unprecedented acceleration in the clean energy transition."

It makes for encouraging reading and I would recommend the time it takes to at least skim through the piece.

What's your point?

The reason I'm taking the time to share their work to our wider email readership as well as just to our social channels is because of how relevant I believe their world view is to investment and, most particularly, to the likelihood of succeeding with investment.

I have written before that human progress is very likely the single most important investment theme of them all. In the long run, and certainly over a life-time of investing, we believe that the people who make the best investment returns force themselves to believe in human progress and invest accordingly.

There is a famous phrase often cited by many of the world's best investors:

"Pessimists sound smart. Optimists make money."

Put another way: "It pays to be bullish." Over long periods of time at least.

This isn't easy, however. One of our biggest challenges as investors (and, more generally, as human beings) is our inherent tendency to be bearish. The record of research into such things tells us that most of us are hard-wired psychologically and emotionally to be pessimistic and fearful.

This fundamental malfunction of human psychology is compounded still further by that strong negative bias in our press and social media.
It is all too easy to be fearful given the press is almost always painting a fundamentally negative and factually distorted picture of reality. To counter this, it is crucial to "Follow the trendlines, not the headlines" as former US President Bill Clinton put it some years ago.

I remember what it felt like in the tech crash of 2000 and then again in the global financial crisis of 2007 to 2009. It felt a great deal like it feels today. Back then if you lost your nerve and gave up on human progress and on long run stock market investment you potentially missed out on a huge amount of upside in the years that followed.

It could well be "different this time". Inflation is certainly a big problem - although to be honest, this has been brewing for a long time. The interest rate environment is certainly different and perhaps structurally and durably so, but I don't believe that any of this changes the fundamental underlying long run driver that is human progress and what that can deliver for all of us over time.

Inflation is high and the interest rate cycle may have turned. Doesn't that mean that it is even more important to be focused on something that might deliver above-inflation real returns over the long run?

At the coal-face

This is why we have spent the last eighteen months building our Conviction Life Sciences Company (CLSC). In our considered belief, the life sciences industry is at the very coal-face of human progress and one of the areas that we believe has a decent chance of delivering real returns in the years ahead as a result.

The CLSC team has spent several years looking at data points which run from the bottom left to the top right of a graph time and time again. This is because the science is progressing at an exponential rate and our belief is that value creation will follow - as it always has done in history and has done to a great extent already.

This won't happen smoothly, but this is why a long run approach to investment is almost certainly the best one to take based on the evidence of many decades. This is also why our Key Information Document gives a recommended holding period for CLSC of five years.

If you're interested in finding out more before we close the IPO on the 31st of January, please do check out the Company's website. Here you can find all the key information about the company, our press coverage and details on how to invest.

If you would like to hear the investment thesis in detail, please do consider watching the video of the full investor presentation which can be found on YouTube.

Before I sign off today, I just wanted to highlight the "How to Invest" section of the CLSC website in particular. This is because so many of you have been in touch over the last few weeks to share the fact that you weren't able to find the Company on your investment platform.

If this describes you, you can ensure you go to the correct page on your investment platform simply by clicking the relevant logo from our "How to Invest" page or by using these links to go straight through to Hargreaves Lansdown, AJ Bell or Interactive Investor, for example.

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