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A selection of our coverage over the past 24 months.

September 25th, 2017

FT Adviser

Plain English fund launches

September 8th, 2017

The Armchair Trader

Investors can Own the World with this new fund

September 4th, 2017

Wealth Adviser

Plain English Finance (PEF) Global Multi-Asset Fund set to launch

August 31st, 2017

Investment Week

Personal finance author to launch global multi-asset fund

August 28th, 2017

Global Banking & Finance Review

How AI is changing how customers think about savings and investments

June 29th, 2017

Money Observer

One year on: why the real winners from Brexit are investors who’ve gone global

May 18th, 2017

Shares Magazine

Global funds don’t always live up to their name

March 30th, 2017

Shares Magazine

More inspiration for your ISA

November 7th, 2016

Spear’s Magazine

Brexit: nothing to fear but fear itself?

November 3rd, 2016

Shares Magazine

Fire up financial whizz-kids

November 1st, 2016

Interactive Investor

Why stockmarket crashes don't matter

February 9th, 2018


Why stock market crashes don't matter

October 20th, 2016

Money Observer

Two reasons we might not be heading for a stock market crash...

October 20th, 2016

Interactive Investor

Two reasons we may avoid a stockmarket crash

October 19th, 2016

Share Radio

Are we heading for a massive crash? If it's a risk, how can you protect yourself? @andyroocraig of @pef_uk