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Over the last few years, Plain English Finance has helped its customers make a real difference to their finances.

Andrew explains step-by-step a number of key financial concepts, building the reader’s confidence as he goes. More importantly this information is then used to explain simply how to best arrange your own financial affairs. Highly recommended.

–Mr A V Cooper

About Mr Cooper

After reading “How to Own the World” in January 2015, Mr Cooper became a client of our Bespoke service.

Using the Plain English Finance Bespoke service was quick and simple. The team are ever professional and most importantly they actually listened to my family’s long-term goals and worked hard to tailor an investment strategy that fits us.

– Helen Tasker

About Mrs Tasker

Helen and her husband are also clients of our Bespoke service and can now look forward to a relaxed and prosperous retirement.

“How to Own the World” is written with real concern to help people review their finances and plan for their futures, which the author sees as something everyone now needs to get to grips with. Making money, he suggests, is not something that is only for the highly skilled expert, or for the lucky.

– Andrew Keep

About Mr Keep

Mr Keep read “How to Own the World” in 2014.

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If you are new to the concept of “owning the world”, we have lots of resources to help you get started. Welcome to your financial future….

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