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#45 — S&P 3,000 - We are there...!

July 16th, 2019

By Andrew Craig

Reading time: ~ 1 minute

+353% since 2009 low...

In the last week, the S&P 500 (arguably the most important stock market index in the world), went through the level of 3,000 (an all time high)...

It closed at 3014 on the 15th July 2019, which means that it is now up nearly 353% since the spooky March 2009 low of 666. I wonder how many people in the UK are even vaguely aware of this fact and what it could have done for their personal finances.

Long-term readers of these articles will know by now that owning US equities is very much part of "owning the world". Another key feature of owning the world is to ignore the news if you want to succeed at investment.

In June of 2017 - I pointed to the fact that there were an awful lot of people calling for a big crash in stock markets - and the S&P 500 in particular. At that time I wrote a series of articles giving the various reasons I thought they might end up being wrong.

The first of those articles was titled "S&P 3,000 or time to sell?".

I wanted to take a moment to highlight that article now that we are through that very level.

I am not doing this to "crow" about being "right" (anyone who has followed me for a while knows that I am absolutely not in the business of trying to predict what markets may or may not do).

I just want to take a moment to re-visit the various arguments I made in that article and several others that followed it given how important I believe they are for maximising your chances of investment success...

Read the original article >> here

I don't think much has changed since I wrote it - which implies that there could well be even more upside from here....