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#52 — Are you an entrepreneur or an "INtrepreneur"?

October 10th, 2019

By Andrew Craig

Reading time: ~ 3 minutes

Calling all entrepreneurs and "intrepreneurs"...

I know that a fair number of our readers are entrepreneurs and many more have a conventional job where there is scope to be entrepreneurial (often called an ‘intrepreneur’). If this describes you - or if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur or in finding a way to be more entrepreneurial at your day job - then I would hope you will find this email one of the more exciting ones I have sent to date.

To explain - I am writing today to share the news that later this year I will be running our second “mastermind" program - something we call Plain English Finance "Leverage". This will be in collaboration with two extremely inspiring individuals: Virgil Wolf and Andrew McQuade:

Virgil is a self-made millionaire who achieved complete financial independence by the age of 41.

Andrew is the youngest ever Commercial Director of Red Bull - one of the most valuable and exciting private companies in the world - and also runs his own fitness business - The Corporate Fitness Guy.


The group will be run over six full Saturdays, beginning in December of this year and then roughly once ever 4-6 weeks until the last session in May 2020.

  • Dec 7th,
  • Jan 25th,
  • Feb 22nd,
  • March 21st,
  • April 25th,
  • May - date TBC...


The sessions will be held in Red Bull’s offices in Covent Garden, central London, frequently voted as one of the top ten coolest offices in the world. I am absolutely delighted that we are lucky enough to be holding the sessions there. It is an exceptionally inspiring and uplifting venue.


A mastermind group like this is aimed at anyone who wants to make a very significant impact on their life over a period of a few months, by setting aside six full days to focus on working on their business in collaboration with a powerful ‘brain trust’ of like-minded individuals. Virgil, Andrew and I will ensure that everyone in the group is at a similar point in their entrepreneurial or business journey to ensure maximum impact and synergy in the group.

There is enormous power in this process. Virgil and I ran our first such group from 2017 to 2018. We witnessed first hand the amazing progress made by the participants - one of whom is now part of a new 200 million Euro property fund and another of whom has taken her wonderful woman's running club - "This Girl Runs" - from strength to strength, having left her day job.

The way that each Saturday works means there can only be a maximum of twelve places available in the group. This is in order to ensure that each participant gets sufficient time at every session for the entire group to focus on their individual goals and challenges.

Each of the six Saturdays will also involve two hours of formal presentations. One hour from me, Andrew or Virgil and one from at least one high-profile guest speaker.

We already have some exceptional speakers committed. These include:

  • The head of digital innovation at a FTSE100 company.
  • A gold medalist Paralympian and MBE.
  • An ex GB and Scotland hockey player who now runs a billion Euro investment fund.
  • A specialist banker to entrepreneurs on a team responsible for nearly £12 billion of their assets.
  • If you are serious about taking your career or business to the next level and think this might be something for you, please do get in touch.

As you might expect, several of the twelve places in the group have already been taken by people in our respective networks. There are only a handful left. I would also repeat that the group can only be open to people who are already running a business - or who have a fully formed business idea complete with detailed business plan. Places will be allocated based on a combination of first come, first-served and the strength of the business or business idea.

If this describes you and you would like to find out more, please get in touch (via private email).