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#71 — "Not your bl**dy book again, Andy!"

March 2nd, 2021

By Andrew Craig

Reading time: ~ 2 minutes

"How to Own the World"

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I think it is probably quite likely that the majority of people who read my articles have read my first book "How to Own the World" by now. It is often the reason people subscribe to Plain English Finance after all.

That having been said, I would hope that if you're reading this you may also be aware that I have a real sense of mission about improving financial literacy in the UK and beyond.

I've said it before, but I see true financial literacy as a more or less obvious "silver bullet" which can go a long way to improving things for individuals and for society as a whole. I really believe this in my bones. As former Lord Mayor, Sir Roger Gifford, said in the Foreword to the book:

"For individuals, possessing financial literacy can help them move away from poverty and towards being comfortably well off, and can even bring the possibility of substantial wealth on to their horizon, should that be desired. Even more important, however, is what financial literacy can do for society as a whole..."

The more people within a society who are good at this, the better that society will likely be, all other things being equal, given that people are able to take care of themselves and their dependents, and there can also be more money available for tax and to fund innovative companies that can solve intractable human challenges.

This is why our stated mission as a company is:

"To improve the financial affairs of as many people as possible..."

Learning about money and investment can and will make a big difference to how we experience life.

It is for this reason that I wanted to take a moment today to highlight the fact that our publisher and Amazon have decided to run a promotion for the whole of this month and make the Kindle version of my book available for only 99p.

Even if you have already read it, if you have friends and family who you think might benefit from this deal, please do make them aware of this special offer.

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