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#48 — The launch of our Fund Factsheet

August 19th, 2019

By Andrew Craig

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I am delighted to be announcing the first of our monthly Fund Factsheets today. You can download it directly here (PDF format).

You will see that this is a two page document.

We would like to think that the first page provides all the key information you need about the fund at a glance. The second page then gives you details of the trades we made in the month and a brief commentary.

This document should be of interest to two audiences: First, investors in our fund (hopefully at least!). But also - anyone who might be interested in what our trend following signals are telling us about 24 of some of the world’s largest and most important financial markets. Hopefully that is a fairly significant number of our readers!

If you would like to receive this product each month, please do make sure you are on our trading distribution list from the subscribe box on the Funds page of this site.